Why is acceptance so hard?

#acceptance #understanding #community #gratitude Nov 01, 2022

#acceptance #blessings #community #gratitude #health

As I get older, the more I stay focused on the acceptance of myself and others, and choose compassion over judgment and curiosity over fear. - Tracee Ellis Ross

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Why is acceptance so hard?

Because there’s so much to accept!

Acceptance of:

  • The past
  • Self-acceptance
  • Other people and their behavior/choices/decisions
  • Acceptance of things you don’t have control over – accepting not being able to control everything
  • Imperfection
  • Acceptance that everything will be okay in the end – Faith

Do any of those resonate with you? Or do you have your own issue that needs acceptance?

I needed to start with what acceptance is NOT.

  • Making pretend your feelings aren’t real or don’t matter
  • Being weak or giving up
  • Agreeing with the situation/person
  • Judging yourself
  • Acknowledging defeat
  • Choosing to be passive
  • Comparing the good and the bad

What is acceptance?

  • Defining acceptance for yourself
  • Choosing to release resistance to what is happening in the moment
  • Acknowledging yourself and your situation without judgment
  • Changing your own perspective instead of trying to change someone else
  • Understanding yourself and accepting what you think
  • Giving yourself grace
  • Learning and growing from the opportunity

What are your thoughts on “letting it go”? I do use that phrase or mantra, sometimes repeatedly, to remind myself to accept the way things are or to bring me into the present moment where that’s all I have. (Since I became a dog owner sometimes I tell myself – “Leave It” – and that works well to stop rumination!)

“Let it go” sometimes seems overused cause it’s not that easy to do. Acceptance takes lots of practice, trial and error, and releasing emotions.

Sometimes acceptance hurts. It’s painful. Things aren’t the way you want. It puts you in a position where you have to make choices you don’t want to make.

Self-care may be helpful here:

  • Remember – you are enough; you are unique and have special gifts to share
  • Recognize what you have no control over
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Distance yourself if you need to – you don’t need to engage
  • Identify your strengths
  • Remember the positive

Good luck – it’s a process – you can do it!

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#acceptance #gratitude #community #growth #learn #thenextrightthing

It's a process. You can do it!

   All my best,


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