One of those days

#health #community #reachout #gratitude Oct 11, 2022

I had one of those days. Yes, one of those days when most little things go wrong. I tried getting water from the refrigerator door, but my hand slipped, and the water went onto the floor. I bumped my coffee cup and the coffee spilled all over the end table. I was taking some dog toys into the back yard and my hand hit the door handle so hard, I was shocked at how painful it felt. The landscape guy ghosted me. I couldn’t find something I was looking for and later forgot what I was looking for.

I thought, “Okay, what am I supposed to be learning? Patience? Focus? The present moment?  Or acceptance that this is the way today is going to be.”

Sometimes I can just react like – “Oh well.” And some days are irritating and annoying. It’s the irritated and annoying feelings that make the little things seem much, much, bigger.

I finally settled on gratitude. Gratitude makes me realize that those little things are so tiny in the grand scheme of things that they don’t really matter and hardly exist. I am grateful but need to remember to feel gratitude more than I do.

I know someone who has a problem drinking; someone whose spouse was in the hospital for several weeks; someone who is having troubles helping their aging parents.

There are people who are working and people that don’t want to have to work. There is a supply and demand issue in production and manufacturing.

The country is divided and other countries are at war.

The list can go on infinitely. Much of it you have no control over. You do have control how you react to the world around you.

You can be grateful for “things” - non-material things, like your health, your family and/or friends, and the system in place that gets food to the grocery store. Sunshine, breeze, seasons. I’m grateful for two strong knees that keep me stable and moving forward.

Be grateful that there are strategies in place to help you reduce the stress and anxiety that events in the world around you cause.

Work on a gratitude list of what pertains to your beautiful life. Notice how the little things matter less and less. Drop some of the weight the little things loaded you up with. Honor knowing what you don’t have control over and be grateful for the rest. Making the shift from irritated to grateful is something you do have control over. Enjoy feeling lighter.

You are amazing! What are you grateful for?

 All my best,


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