How's your posture?

#posture #balance #strength #flexibility Sep 06, 2022

#posture #balance #strength #flexibility

Fortunately, good posture - like poor posture - is habit forming. - Denise Austin

Have you checked out your posture lately? Why is it important?

Good posture:

  • Looks good on you!
  • Increases your strength and flexibility
  • Improves your balance
  • Reduces stress on your muscles and soft tissue
  • Improves your oxygen intake!!! Your lungs are more open.
  • Develops self-awareness of your breath and your body allowing you to notice imbalances and self-correct
  • Increases your confidence and presence

I’ve put together a document with posture tips you’ll want to see. You can download it here.
Download now

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About Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman is a certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), yoga teacher, and author. She specializes in empowering you to improve your well-being. Nancy is registered with the Yoga Alliance as ERYT-500 and is certified through ACE as a personal trainer, health coach, and fitness instructor. She has a Master's degree in Education, MaEd.

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