Consistency is key

#meditation #dailyroutione #health #consistency #mindfulness Sep 20, 2022

#meditation #dailyroutine #health #consistency #mindfulness

Brilliant things happen in calm minds. - Headspace

Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. - Buddha

How to meditate? Or why meditate?

What did I come into this room for? What was I going to do next? Do you ever have those moments when you forget what you started doing?

Do you do little things to improve or increase your memory? (I eat blueberries every morning because I read somewhere that they were good for brain function.) Do you do anything to purposefully improve your memory?

Mindful meditation works as a tool to improve the function of your brain. Studies have shown that mindful meditation helps keep your brain younger longer.

I hear clients saying, “I can’t meditate.” “I tried meditation and it didn’t work.” “I can’t be still enough to meditate.”

Meditation can be:

  • Bringing yourself present for the moment
  • Walking in nature
  • Focusing on being still or quiet for a moment
  • Taking a slow breath in and a slow breath out
  • Pausing
  • Journalling

Meditate your way then let go of the outcome.

Mindfulness is being present in the moment. You can use your 5 senses to be present. You have the ability to be present and can practice being present throughout the day.

Meditation is a practice to slow down your thoughts and calm your body and mind. It is not about having no thoughts. It’s about observing and accepting your thoughts, pausing before reacting. Being a witness to your thoughts.

Mindfulness meditation involves slowing your breath down, being aware of sensations in your body, and noticing your thoughts. When thoughts come up, notice what they are, stay calm, and return your focus to the sensation of your breath coming into the body and leaving the body.

One challenge in mindful meditation is not judging yourself or your thoughts. Meditation is a practice that may be different each day and is not perfect, but through time, you make progress.

The benefits of mindful meditation include:

  • Re-training your brain
  • Managing pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving sleep
  • Lowering blood pressure

Successful meditation tips:

  • Start at 3 - 5 minutes (increase the time as you are comfortable)
  • Use a timer if you want
  • Be comfortable with a long spine (but relaxed)
  • Soften your gaze
  • Become aware of the sensations your breathing causes in your body
  • Label your thoughts and return your attention to the sensation of the breath
  • Download a guided meditation if you don’t want to go it alone
  • Consistency is key

Being just as you are is good enough!

What does your meditation practice look like? Reply to this email, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Consistency is key!

#meditationl #practice #consistency #health #breath
You are amazing! Let go of the outcome of your meditation.

 All my best,


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