10 of life's lessons

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“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ―Maya Angelou

Life’s Lessons

These aren't in any particular order. You can prioritize them to your life. These are experiences I've learned as I try to say and do the next right thing. (#1 was probably my hardest to actually "GET").

  1. Actions speak louder than words. The next time a person tells you something and then does something different, know that the action is closer to the truth than the words they use.
  2. If you tell someone you are going to do something – do it. If you tell someone you will put them in your prayers, put them in your prayers. Don’t make a promise you may not keep.
  3. Human nature encourages people to not tell the truth. Don’t believe everything you are told. Take some things with a grain of salt. Some things are partial truths or twisted to what a person wants you to believe.
  4. Be humble. Being humble means you are not better than someone else and you are not less than someone else.
  5. Believe your own thoughts and words, not what others have taught you to believe about yourself. Leave criticisms of the past behind.
  6. Make a conscious effort to align your actions and your values. You can be honest with yourself and realize someone else may not have the same values as you do.
  7. Some things in life just hurt. Believe in yourself enough to know you will get through whatever you need to. Recognize that others may still think they are the center of the universe.
  8. Take care of yourself first. No one else is likely to do that for you.
  9. Ask for help. Other people can’t actually read your mind. Asking for help does not make you seem weak or less than others.  Actually, many people feel honored if asked for help.
  10. Avoid gossip and gossiping.

I would love to hear the life lessons you have learned. Or which ones resonated with you?

Here's my blog on who your friends are.

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Nancy, you are amazing! I'd love to hear a life lesson that you learned!

  All my best,


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