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Being able to reduce my stress and stop it from sky rocketing to begin with has transformed my life. I discovered yoga when I was 50. Looking back, I didn't even realize what I didn't have the ability to do. Now, in my 60s, I've experienced the progress I've made in my flexibility and movement and in my freedom to choose how I react or feel about stress-provoking situations.

More than anything else I want to share that with you today. If you are in your 50s, 60s, or 70s, you owe it to yourself to experience firsthand the freedom and ease available to you by taking real, tangible steps to live your best life ever.


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Nancy is knowledgeable about fitness and very supportive to those of us interested in improving and maintaining independence as we age.  

Through her classes and one on one coaching she has helped me with low back pain, neck pain and overall flexibility. 

At 73, I now know we don’t have to give in to pain but there are things we can do about it.  I feel more in control of my overall health and fitness. 

Linda Englander


Nancy helped me twice over the past year. The first time was for extreme stiffness in my neck – I couldn’t tilt me ear toward my shoulder. And the second time was for weakness in my left leg that was affecting my running gait.  Nancy’s careful and thorough observations helped identify the issues correctly the first time.  Her extensive knowledge helped devise a plan of care and exercise that enabled me to regain my range of motion and strength within two months of starting the program.  Each week she reinforced what was covered the week before and then added exercise and stretching in areas where I was ready for change. It was collaborative, she always made sure I was ready for the change.  But I think even more important than the physical improvements that she brought about, Nancy gave me the confidence that I could improve by following the recommendations. I continue the program to this day, and it continues to make a difference.


Donna Kearney


I came to Nancy with hip and knee pain that was making it difficult to go upstairs and even walk normally.  She worked with me, starting with some simple stretches and strengthening exercises and within a short period of time, I saw improvement.  I felt I could trust her to direct me in the most beneficial ways to address the problems I was having. I am keeping up with the practice she developed for me and I am feeling so much better. Thank you, Nancy!

Lynn Hayes

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